A New Cone on the Block

Leo’s Homemade Ice Cream has opened for its spring season in a new location on West High Street, just blocks away from the Dickinson campus.

Tom Leo, the owner of Leo’s Homemade Ice Cream, says that he had been looking for “quite some time” for a new location for his business, formerly located at 1779 W. Trindle Road in Carlisle. Leo said that the new open location at 816 W. High Street offered a great spot for a good deal.

“This location is definitely an improvement from the previous one. It’s in the main Carlisle area and it’s closer to Dickinson College, too,” said Leo. “Business is also more of a destination with loyal followers.”

He also mentioned the convenience of the new location, which is in a more heavily trafficked part of Carlisle than its previous Trindle Rd. storefront.

Leo’s closes each year for winter, but it opened for the season in its new location on March 22, Although Leo’s has only been opened for a short period of time on High Street, its owner says that business has been going smoothly.

“We opened on Saturday and it was the first nice day, 60 degrees outside and people were anticipating the opening of the new location,” said Leo. “We were even on the front page of the Carlisle newsletter.”

Leo said that the grand opening of their new location was the busiest day that he has ever seen, and that he sold more ice cream than ever before in his career.

By Leo’s accounts, all has been going well for his business since its move to High Street. However, there has been some speculation about competition with nearby Massey’s Frozen Custard, located a block away at 600 W. High Street. Sarah Kaye ’17 believes that there will not be much competition between the two ice cream places.

“Leo’s probably won’t get much business because Massey’s is closer to campus,” said Kaye. “Massey’s [also] takes declining balance, so kids don’t need to carry cash.”

Madison Wanamaker ’17 disagrees,

“I’ve heard really great things about Leo’s so I’d definitely be interested to check it out,” Wanamaker said. “I think if I’m in the mood for a milkshake I would go to Massey’s but if I want real ice cream then I would walk to Leo’s, [though] a car would be nice to get [there].”