Program Fosters Alumni Support

This year, Dickinson’s Office of Engagement and the Dickinson Fund, has announced the creation of a program which will foster the relationship between current Dickinsonians and Red Devil alumni. The program, titled “Devils’ Advocates” will host a series of events, programs, communications and fundraising, and will contribute to the development of strong alumni network connections.

For example, the program will plan and implement school events that focus on the benefits and responsibilities of becoming alumni. This will allow future alumni to build a life-long affinity to Dickinson. Such events include Charter Day, Thank-a-thon calls and Tag Day.
A second example will include the introduction of student philanthropy programs. Devils’ Advocates hopes to reach one hundred percent of member participation rates to the Annual Fund.

Additionally, the program will create a First Year Orientation program devoted to “what it means to be a Dickinsonian,” as part of the Four Year Challenge: a plan to encourage students from each grade to give back to the school annually. Philanthropic events will include “Thanks for Giving” in the Fall, and “Grill and Give” in the Spring.
A last example introduces college advancement events. Some proceedings will include Homecoming and Family Weekend, alumni council meetings and board of trustees meetings.

Devils’ Advocates will not only foster relationships between students and alumni, however. The program also hopes to educate and increase student support for the college. With the implementation of such a program, Dickinson aims to have members of each class year represented.

On September 7th, Devils’ Advocates was stationed at the Involvement Fair, where many students signed up to participate. Students who join the program will not only participate in events centered at Dickinson, but also at other events in cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington D.C. There will be over thirty events for members of the Devils’ Advocates to participate in.

This new program will give students more of a direction in their careers. By connecting with alumni, each class will be encouraged to keep potential post-graduate careers in mind. The Devils’ Advocates program will strengthen students’ plans for the future, while enabling them to make connections along the way.