Make Liberals Cry Again

Shane Shuma ’22, Opinion Columnist

We are only three months away from the first primaries of the 2020 election. The Democrats currently have no frontrunner as the party’s many factions struggle to gain power. Warren, a progressive East Coast liberal, threatens Joe Biden’s first place lead as his poll numbers have shrunk in recent months while hers have soared. Meanwhile former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, appears set to enter the race as he fears no candidate running is strong enough to beat Trump. As a Trump supporter myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Democratic primary race up to this point. 

One of the most pleasantly surprising events in the 2020 race so far has been the rise of Elizabeth Warren. At first, she had a very rocky start to the race, claiming Native American heritage where there was none and evidence coming public that she filed her race as American Indian on her State Bar of Texas Registration card. However, Democrats let her off easy for this, just as Liberals did in Canada when it was found that Justin Trudeau had dressed in blackface countless of times. Next came the plans. I love the plans. First, she wants to implement a $15 minimum wage. Not only do I believe such a measure would hurt small businesses while helping big corporations who may be able to afford a hike in the short term, but it would also accelerate the loss of jobs due to technology before we have a chance to specialize our workforce in other areas. Second, Warren would ban fracking and the export of fossil fuels. During a time where the United States has become the number one exporter of energy in the world, committing to these policies would cripple a large sector of our economy and put hundreds of thousands of people out of work. Third, Warren wants to implement a $21 Trillion-dollar socialized healthcare plan. Currently the country is running a one Trillion dollar budget deficit without running the country’s entire healthcare system. Now Warren did say she will raise taxes, but I believe they will be ineffective. Warren has promised to pay for her plan by only taxing the wealthy and not raising taxes on the middle class at all. One. That’s a total and complete lie and even Bernie knows it. Two. The wealthy do a funny thing when faced with unconstitutional wealth taxes and massive tax increase, they either move their money or their family out of the country. Her taxes may work in the short run, but they’ll stifle economic growth and cause capital flight in the long run.

Now I hear all of you moderate Democrats, “don’t listen to the crazed ramblings of a 70-year-old Bernie Sanders wannabe. We will pick a good moderate candidate to beat Trump!” I understand where y’all are coming from, but I don’t think you’re right. Bernie and Warren already capture a sizable wing of the party, and if you combine the two into a united progressive wing, they will be a force to be reckoned with. Also, Biden does not have the mental clarity or stamina to beat Trump, let alone his fellow primary opponents. Biden’s record is also atrocious according to progressives, from busing, to working with segregationists, to Anita Hill. Buttigieg is a moderate with some charisma, but his inexperience as a politician will be a liability for him. He also has no appeal among minority voters. Now I do hear that one Bloomberg supporter in the back of the room who claims he is the one who will win the nomination fight for moderates. No.

Warren and Bernie supporters would counter my arguments by saying that their candidates are really the most electable, as they will inspire the proletariat to crush the bourgeoisie in a massive blue wave. However, I do not think this is likely. When faced between an incumbent President presiding over a robust economy and relatively moderate policies against someone who wants to radically rework our entire political and economic system, most people will choose the former. I could be wrong. Maybe Biden survives to become the nominee and beats Trump. Maybe Warren or Sanders will rally the progressive wing of the Democratic party and court moderates to form a winning coalition. Or maybe, on November third, 2020, I will roam the halls of Dickinson and hear liberals cry again.