College Projects 100 Percent Graduation Rate

Noneya Biznez ‘22, One Less Lonely Girl

Dickinson College projects a near 100 percent graduation rate for this year, since no students are on campus to walk across the seal. 

It’s well-known among the Dickinson community that if a person walks across the seal on Britton Plaza, they will not graduate from Dickinson. In normal years, undeserving and careless students often test fate by stumbling across the seal.

Since few students are on campus this year, there’s little chance of accidental. “It can be a nerve-wracking experience if you almost step on it,” a senior said, “all of that tuition money flashes before your eyes.”

“I had a close encounter once,” said one sophomore. “I was just going through people’s stories on Snapchat, oblivious to the world, and then someone shouted at me from across Britton. It was a close one and it messed me up for a while.”

“It’s very exciting to have so many students graduate,” an administrator said, “We’re really excited for the higher graduation rate to bump up our ranking on US News and World Report.” When asked if the school anticipated any of the people on campus this semester to step on the seal, the Administrator was ambivalent. “Most of the people on campus are athletes who probably weren’t going to graduate anyway,” they said.

The Dickinsonian tried to contact past dropouts about their experience with the seal, but got no response.