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Please Clap the Inevitable Failure of Jeb Biden

Shane Shuma ’22, Opinion Columnist

February 13, 2020

On April 25th, 2019, Joe Biden announced his run for President of the United States. He pledged to be a uniter and leader who could heal the soul of the nation. The Biden strategy was not to necessarily generate enthusiasm, but...

The Importance of Title IX’s Rules Now – They Weren’t There for Me

Clare (Froggatt) Fitzgerald '05, Guest Columnist

February 7, 2020

I am certain you are receiving many stories of victims of sexual assault at Dickinson throughout the years. It is my hope that these stories are heard in some capacity. Please allow me to contribute mine. I was sexually assaulted at Dic...

Response to and Support for Alumni Letter

Sherry Harper-McCombs, Professor of Theatre

February 6, 2020

The department of theatre and dance wants to both applaud and respond to Sarah Zimmer’s letter published 4 February. The professional worlds of theatre, dance, film, and television have protected serial abusers for many years...

A Survivor’s Thoughts on the Sit-In

Mary Smith ’20, Guest Columnist

February 6, 2020

Thank you to Rose for being so brave this week and the whole-time during college that you’ve been fighting for Title IX reform. No one would be speaking up right now without your movement. It’s disheartening to acknowledge...

Letter from the Editor: On the Purpose of the Newspaper

Drew Kaplan ’20, Editor-in-Chief

February 6, 2020

Although the attribution of this quote is dubious, “journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations” has been a sentiment about which I’ve often found myself thinking....

Thoughts on “Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism” from a Liberal Jew:

Solomon Zisser ’20, Guest Columnist

February 6, 2020

As someone who loves Israel and also criticizes its actions, as someone who visits Israel frequently and also dislikes Israel’s current leaders, as someone who has liberal beliefs and also is a passionate Jew, it is unsurprising...

A Call for Civility

Preston MacLean ’21 and Bryce Dunio ’22

February 6, 2020

Last semester, an unrecognized group of ideologically-extreme students attempted to take over the Dickinson College Republicans from within. In doing so, they undermined the values of Dickinson as an institution, and violated...

A Decade of Disappointment: An Alumna’s Perspective on Title IX

Jessica Doyle (Sykes) ’16, Former Editor-in-Chief

February 6, 2020

In March 2011, a year and a half before I arrived on campus, almost 300 students marched from Morgan Field to Old West, where they staged a sit-in to protest Dickinson’s sexual misconduct policy.  This was not the first instance of students exp...

Alumni Response to Campus Sexual Violence

Sarah Zimmer '17, Guest Columnist

February 4, 2020

My name is Sarah Zimmer. I attended Dickinson college from 2013 to 2017. I consider it a second home. In my current work I address issues of sexual violence in performing arts spaces in undergraduate programs. Today,  I should...

Listen to this: We Do Want Changes to Dickinson’s Title IX Process

Rose McAvoy '20, Guest Columnist

February 3, 2020

Brenda Bretz’s article “We do listen. We do make changes. We welcome your input”, was disappointing. You may be listening, you made some changes, but you’ve ignored the most critical problem. Dickinson College’s Titl...

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