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Updates from the latest Student Senate meeting (3/7/23):

🌟 Senate discussed a few of these upcoming projects:

  1. Reopening the climbing wall in collaboration with climbing club, pending a costly inspection.
  2. Distributing menstrual products throughout campus in collaboration with Random Acts of Kindness.
  3. Distributing Narcan via the Wellness Center pending educational lessons.
  4. Considering the creation of a new role in the Student Senate, such as a Health and Wellness Liaison, to broaden representation
  5. Incorporate Title IX training into the Code of Ethics for student senators.
  6. Discussing the need for a closer relationship between the Title IX office and Student Senate, and exploring the possibility of providing training for student senators on how to support students who face challenges related to Title IX.

🌟Carlisle Student Bureau Ambassador position open, contact Anne Fisher-Henson ([email protected]) for more details. Application is due March 26th.

🌟Navigate tool is being selectively rolled out to help students navigate college life

  1. Navigate is a tech advisor to all students,  especially useful for first-year students
  2. It helps students tackle the challenges they typically face as they navigate their transition into college
  3. The tool provides access to many different resources via a mobile device and web version

🌟AIC continues Provost and Director of Academic searches.

🌟The Financial Committee mentioned ongoing work on financial strategy, which was not elaborated upon further.

🌟CLIC updates: on Red and White Day and Art Festival promotion, and need for a representative for Round Table meetings

🌟Class of 2025: successful sophomore event and upcoming send-off

🌟Class of 2023:

  1. April 28: Pints with Profs in Social hall 4:30-6:30
  2. Red and White tailgate

Student Senate (3/7/23):

🌟President Jones Open Forum. Check Below for a more detailed summary.

🌟AIC: the vacant director of academics position will be filled though application based submissions. Applications are due 3/21.

🌟Club Finance: Club budget deadline reminder.

🌟PR and Marketing: Plans to create welcoming video for the Dickinson class of 2027.

🌟Class of 2023: Coordinating with Athletic Department and SAAC for Red and White day.

🌟Class of 2025: Sophomore class event (3/9/23) from 7pm-9pm in the Social Hall.

🌟Senate voted on the Leadership Recognition Award Nominees. Recognition Ceremony announcing winners is April 24.

🌟Dickinson Workers Party club recognition passes. Workers Party is now a Senate Recognized club!

🌟Wear red/gear day every Friday!

President Jones Open Forum (3/7/23):

During President Jones’ talk, he discussed various issues related to the college’s finances and infrastructure. He mentioned that while the college has a $630 million endowment, it is still tuition-dependent, leading to some necessary budget cuts. One concern raised by students was the increase in tuition without a corresponding increase in student wages. President Jones promised to discuss this matter with the CFO.

Another issue that was brought up was the poor Wi-Fi on campus. President Jones had not heard of this problem before and plans to contact the head of IT to improve the situation. Students also voiced concerns about accessibility issues on campus. President Jones urged students to write to him with specific complaints, and acknowledged that some of the issues may involve the Carlisle borough.

President Jones also discussed the ongoing renovations of the HUB, the college’s central hub for student activities and dining. The current dining hall was built for a student body population of 1600, while the current population is 2300. The new HUB will feature a variety of micro-restaurants and a “farm to table” experience, as well as increased staffing to accommodate the larger space and student population.

Students also asked about off-campus housing options, and President Jones explained that the college needs to fill all current dorms before considering investing in more properties.

President Jones also talked about the possibility of partnering with local restaurants to address issues with the college’s dining services, but cited logistical problems as an issue with idea. The college also wants to improve student opinion with dining services before outsourcing food options.

Finally, he mentioned plans to revisit the swipe system at the Denim dining location at the send of this semester.

Student Senate (2/28/23):

🌟 Tony Boston, the Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Dickinson, spoke on the importance of diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice, and shared ways for students to get involved in promoting these values on campus. Check Below for a more detailed summary.

🌟 The ITS team to debut to use a new system called Navigate, which will help communication between students and their advisors. Laptops are available to students every semester, and can be picked up in the library.

🌟 Club budgets are due this Friday (3/3), unless a club has special permissions from financial office.

🌟 The Financial Strategy team is working to allocate this years budgets

🌟 New club voted Into Senate recognition: Korean Student Association hopes to promote Korean culture on Dickinson’s campus. They plan to host events with traditional food, beverages, and crafts.

Student Senate Election Results (3/6/23):

President: Katarina Swendrowski

Chief of Staff: Clara Blackwell

Director of Campus Life and Initiatives: Claire Wayne

Director of Equity and Inclusivity: Kayla Slomeana

Director of Club Finance: Martina Fernandez Bevk

Director of Financial Strategy: Ashley Kim

Director of PR and Marketing: Ishrak Zaman

APSC Senator: Alexis Boseman, Lia Jefferson

Class of 2026 President: Anna Purvis

Class of 2025 President: Angela Abinales

Class of 2024 President: Deon Rosado

Director of Academics: Vacant

Tony Boston Open Forum (2/28/23):

Tony Boston, the Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Dickinson, gave an open forum talk at the student senate meeting. During his talk, he discussed the terminology used in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, including definitions for diversity, inclusion, belonging, equity, justice, and mattering. He also talked about the different phases of cultural change that affect an institution, division, department, and individual, as well as ways to engage in equity and inclusivity efforts.

Boston also provided information about the importance of reviewing processes and thinking about equity and inclusion efforts at the individual, department, division, and institution-level.

He also introduced the Bias Response Team and encouraged students to reach out to one of the six directors (listed below) in the division or to himself for more information or to get involved in equity and inclusivity efforts.

  • Center for Spirituality & Social Justice (CSSJ): J. Cody Nielsen, Director
  • Asbell Center for Jewish Life: Marley Weiner, Director
  • Office of LGBTQ Services: Todd Nordgren, Director
  • Popel Shaw Center for Race & Ethnicity (PSC): Yvette Davis, Director
  • Women’s & Gender Resource Center (WGRC): K. Schweighofer, Director
  • Bias Education & Response Team (BERT): Yvette Davis, BERT Chair