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Letters from Abroad: The Secret of Danish

Sara Moss '14, Abroad Columnist

May 2, 2013

As I sit down to write this last column of my study abroad experience in Denmark, I fully intend to share what I have uncovered about the secret of Danish happiness, that is, why Denmark is consistently ranked as the happiest...

An American in Paris

Colin Tripp '14, Columnist

April 18, 2013

I traveled to Paris back in November and again in January. I think it’s almost impossible to capture the city, for Paris was Paris and different than I imagined: seedier, older, and bigger. Whereas Amsterdam felt almost quaint,...

Life Lessons from Abroad

Sara Moss '14, Abroad Columnist

April 18, 2013

Today is April 12. In exactly 36 days, my bags will be packed and my host family will bring me to the Copenhagen airport. I will be heading home, and as much as I would like to change that fact, there is nothing I can do. The...

Letters from Abroad: Finding School Spirit

Laura Henke, Life & Style Columnist

April 12, 2013

Ever since I came to Dickinson, I tried to do some private studying on the myth of the American school spirit. Us Europeans usually only know it the way it is depicted in movies, and if movies are any indicator for real life,...

Letters from Abroad: Missing America

Alex Toole '14, Abroad Columnist

April 12, 2013

Believe it or not, the semester here in Toulouse is starting to come to an end. I currently take six courses, which translate into five credits: three courses at l’Institut des Etudes Politiques Toulouse (2.5 credits) and three...

Italian Perspective

Enrica Nicoli Aldini, Columnist

April 11, 2013

Italian kids, and most likely kids from many other first world countries, have grown up watching American movies and American TV series. I grew up in the 90’s and the most popular series among young kids and teenagers were Beverly...

Letters from Abroad: Have a Cozy Time!

Sara Moss '14, Abroad Columnist

April 4, 2013

Given that we are mere days away from the 1st of April as I write this and having failed to yet discuss the Danish concept of Hygge, I had feared I might not get to it at all. As the key to survival during the cold, dark winter months, I did not expect Hygge to make much sense as a topic fo...

Premature Nostalgia

April 4, 2013

While walking around London this past weekend, I was punched in the gut by an overwhelming sense of premature nostalgia. I imagined myself in three months missing England with that familiar ache of missing something you know...

Letters from Abroad: When Two Worlds Collide

Kendra Haven ’14, Abroad Columnist

March 7, 2013

You know that feeling when you’re falling asleep, and all of a sudden your body jerks forward as if to save you from the edge of a precipice? Culture shock feels like this. You are suddenly breathing for the first time, flat on your b...

Letters from Abroad: Æ, Ø, Å of Danish

Sara Moss ’14, Abroad Columnist

March 7, 2013

This week I am going to take a break from my quest to uncover the foundations of Danish happiness, and to begin I want to give you a little language test. Humor me if you will. Try to pronounce the following words (they will start...

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