The Dickinsonian

Jessica Sykes ’16, Managing Editor

September 16, 2013

Dickinson students stationed themselves across the country and globe this summer for once-in-a-lifetime internships that brought with them unique opportunities and experiences for personal and professional development. ...

Abroad: The American Dream in Cameroon

Kendra Haven ’14, Abroad Columnist

May 2, 2013

The other day, I showed my 20-year old host brother the inner workings of a cootie-catcher. Since arriving in Cameroon, I’ve rediscovered many of my childhood memories here; old games having somehow traveled inter-continental...

Letters from Abroad: When Skin Speaks for Itself

Kendra Haven ’14, Abroad Columnist

April 18, 2013

To survive in the city of Yaoundé, one must embrace the dust of the Cameroonian Earth: it breathes with you, follows you, gets in and out of taxis with you. Looking out the back window of a cab, I feel my eyesight reconfiguring,...

Letters from Abroad: When Two Worlds Collide

Kendra Haven ’14, Abroad Columnist

March 7, 2013

You know that feeling when you’re falling asleep, and all of a sudden your body jerks forward as if to save you from the edge of a precipice? Culture shock feels like this. You are suddenly breathing for the first time, flat on your b...

Letters from Abroad: Corruption in Cameroon

Kendra Haven ’14, Abroad Columnist

February 21, 2013

My Cameroonian French professor recently provoked my thoughts on the subject of corruption. What role does it play in shaping the United States government and society? I had to think on that one for a while, and my answer arrived...

Strangely Comfortable in a Foreign Land

Kendra Haven ’14, Abroad Columnist

February 7, 2013

As I lie on my back and reflect on my 11th day in Cameroon, I am just now realizing that I forgot to take my anti-malaria medication this morning. With impeccable timing, the mosquito inside my canopy net is mocking me, drilling th...

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