Fashion Column: Peter Philips ’21

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Fashion Column: Peter Philips ’21

Lauren Toneatto ’21, Social Media Editor

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Major: Peter is majoring in art history and minoring in Japanese and German.

On-campus Activities and Hobbies: You can find Peter singing in choir, checking out your books as he works in the library or creating during Arts Collective meetings. He’s also an avid hiker, biker and badminton player.

Describing His Style: Peter describes his style as “a boring white guy from Oregon” who dresses “somewhere between Lands End and UNIQLO.” You’ll often find Peter walking around campus wearing an open flannel over a graphic tee with jeans and sandals. 

Favorite Stores: This question was particularly difficult for Peter to answer. He ultimately decided on the Gap and UNIQLO for their “wide variety of options, good quality of clothing, and not tacky” style.  

Favorite Era of Fashion: Peter enjoys the mid to late 90s because “there’s a lot of flannel.” He also admires the short sleeve over long sleeve t-shirt vibe the late 90s has to offer. 

Importance of Fashion in Everyday Life: Peter believes “fashion is a great way to try and make yourself look decent, a good way of showing myself to the world.” 

He added, “When I studied abroad in Japan a lot of men there dressed very nicely. It wasn’t extravagant, they were able to show themselves in an appealing manner but it was not necessarily fashionable.”

Favorite Pieces: Peter couldn’t live without his Chaco sandals. He describes this high fashion footwear as “very comfortable shoes you can wear them down or out on the town.” 

In addition, his favorite piece is “multipurpose, great for hiking or just walking around.” Peter has fond memories of wearing his Chacos particularly from traveling in Japan.  

Fashion Motto: Peter follows his own fashion motto which is, “There’s a sandal for every occasion.”