Media Review: Lady Pank

Photo courtesy of Lady Pank.

Photo courtesy of Lady Pank.

Emily Engoran '24, Staff Writer

I’m so glad you asked about the ostentatious, vivacious, extravagant genre of 80’s Polish Rock; I’ve been dying to talk about it. 

I came across Polish Rock for the first time a few weeks ago. I had been driving around the lovely local Carlisle area with my two pals, Lily Bibro ’24 and Sophia Acquista ’24 specifically (hey guys), and we found ourselves exploring the fun, exciting, and rustic Mechanicsburg. We happened to be in the area as I was interested in showing them to a little record store tucked into one of the side streets in the town. We walked around the store, browsing as one does, and came across this particularly eye-catching record. 

You might be thinking, “Emily, did you accidentally step into a time machine?” No, I didn’t; thanks for asking though, because that would be really scary if I did. 

As you can probably assume from the teased hairdos, skinny pigtail braids, expertly clashing patterns, and gray marbled backdrop, this record is from the 1980s. Don’t you just love how they pair their peach windbreaker with those navy/orange striped pants? Or the solid black button-down and the pastel checkered trousers? Truly a fashion statement, truly to die for. I wish I was them, so badly. 

The band in question is called Lady Pank. Started up in Western Poland, somehow the record made its way to the sweet and tender hands of the local Mechanicsburg record store holder man, and then my lovely ears.  

On our way back to campus from the store, the gals and I indulged in the Lady Pank album pictured above, Drop Everything. Though we listened to the Polish version of this album, there is also an English-translated version. Both are available on Spotify! Woohoo!

I am certainly no 80s era music expert, nor a music expert whatsoever. However, this album is simply so 80s. It’s perfect for those looking to cosplay as an 80s exercise tape instructor, but in Poland. This album’s opening track, Minus Zero/Mniej niż zero, is probably my personal favorite. The kazoo-like tunes and “Oh! Oh! Oh!” as background vocals give the classic 80s music energy people go crazy for! I recommend keeping this band in the back of your mind. The right crowd will be delightedly surprised and indulge with you. Happy Polish rocking.