Alpha Lambda Dancin’

Students attend Alpha Lambda Delta’s formal in
Allison Hall’s Community Space on Feb. 8.

Students attend Alpha Lambda Delta’s formal in Allison Hall’s Community Space on Feb. 8.

Welcome to the High Society of Allison Hall.

The first-year honor society Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) hosted the Winter Celebration Dance on Feb. 8. The dance was co-sponsored by the Pre-Health Society and Eta Sigma Phi, the honors society for Greek, Latin and Classics students.

The event, though open for all Dickinson students to attend, was organized as a way to honor the new inductees to ALD. According to members of the honor society, over 120 first years of the class of 2017 were inducted on the day of the dance in an afternoon ceremony.

“I was really impressed by everyone’s work ethic since ALD has never done anything on this level before,” said Madeline Chandler ’16, vice president of Dickinson’s Chapter of ALD. Chandler and fellow ALD Executive members spent the weeks leading up to the event organizing and coordinating.

A main selling point of the event was its use of Allison Hall’s Community Space, a relatively new room that –despite a few problems- the ALD organizers were happy to use.

“It isn’t in the most central location and you have to enter from the back parking lot,” said Chandler. “However, the space is great. The various couches and chairs really added a nice vibe to the party and gave guests more options and a divide between the dance floor and food area.”

Turn out for the dance was mixed. Based on figures collected at the door, over 70 ALD members attended the dance along with friends, putting estimates on total attendance of the four-hour event at close to 100.

Despite the low attendance, students gave a generally positive response to the formal event.

“There weren’t that many people there by the time I got there,” said Kathleen Collins ’16. “[But] Allison seems like a good space for big events like that and I thought that the way they set it up was nice.”

“I think Allison hall was a great place for it and everyone seemed to be having a good time!” said Lily Roberts ’16.

ALD hopes that the formal will help kick-start a larger presence at Dickinson.

“ALD is growing and trying to get integrated into the Dickinson campus more,” said Chandler. “We want to get people excited and proud to be a part of ALD and I think this celebration was a nice way to start off the semester.”