Homecoming Game to Feature Field Hockey, not Football


Sammi Werner ‘21, Sports Editor

The Homecoming football game is a time-honored tradition for colleges and universities across the country. Typically, it is an opportunity for parents and students alike to come together to show their support for football and cheer on their respective team. Dickinson College, for years, has had a football game on homecoming weekend as to be expected.   

However, this year, in the 2018-19 school year, the homecoming game is now set to be field hockey, according to the Dickinson College official Homecoming 2018 schedule, as posted on www.dickinson.edu, since Dickinson homecoming was scheduled for a weekend in which the football team will have an away game.

The tailgate and picnic will still occur this year however it will now be in support and preview to the field hockey game.

In response to this, the Red Devil’s football team will host their own homecoming weekend this upcoming weekend on Sept. 15 against the Gettysburg College Bullets. In facing their longtime rival of Gettysburg, the game will try to attract as much fan attendance as possible. Additionally, the football team is inviting the team of 2006 to this weekend’s game to be celebrated, as they were the last team to win the Centennial Conference Championship. Parents of the current team will host a cookout after the game for the players.