Men’s Squash Wins Three

Men’s Squash Wins Three

Sammi Werner ‘21 , Sports Editor 

The Dickinson College Men’s Squash team had an exciting 3-day weekend at Wesleyan University in Conn. The men matched up against Hobart and William Smith College, Colby College and Wesleyan University and went 8-1, 8-1 and 9-0 respectively. 

Going into this weekend the Red Devils were excited to finally prove themselves on the courts. They had a tough start to the season but under a new coaching staff they have been getting stronger and were ready to face the weekend.  

Saturday, Dec. 1, started the matches for the men who faced Hobart in the morning and Colby in the afternoon for a very quick turnaround. 7 of the 8 victories that the men found against Hobart were straight sets. Sergio Martin ’21 had a 5-set match but still found success in the end. The men played incredibly well and were motivated to continue this success throughout the day and they did just that. Against Colby the Red Devils had a very early lead and were able to continue this success and excitement throughout the rest of the matches.  

Saturday ended late and the men started early the next morning. Sunday, Dec. 2, the men faced Wesleyan University. They were again able to win 7 straight sets and continue the weekends momentum. 

The men now have a 3-4 record and hope to turn it in the positive winning direction in the upcoming months throughout the rest of the season. The men are done competing for the semester, but will return to campus early to train in New York before training on campus.