Women’s Basketball Finds the End to Their Season

Women’s Basketball Finds the End to Their Season

Sammi Werner ‘21 , Sports Writer

The Dickinson College Women’s Basketball Team found an unfortunate end to their season with a 63-59 loss to Washington College last Saturday, Feb. 16. The women needed this win to advance to playoffs but unfortunately the game did not end in their favor. 

Early in the game the women were able to put up a 12-3 lead. They carried this momentum through the first quarter where they maintained a 15-9 lead. The second quarter turned in favor of Washington College, causing the score to be 28-18 with the Red Devils down going into the half.  

The women did not let this discourage them and pushed until the end of the game. The score constantly went back and forth and continued this way until the end. Although Dickinson scored more points in the second half it was not enough to cover the ground that had been lost in the first half. 

Kate Deutsch ’22, led the Red Devils in number of points scored. She put up a total of 21, almost one third of the points. Katie Weaver ’22 led in rebounds with 7. 

This game brought the women to an overall 13-12 record and 10-10 record in the conference.