March is Bracket Season

Jake Giotto ‘22, Associate Sports Editor 

March means one thing for sports fans: bracket season. 

Along with some warmer weather; the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament may be the only good thing about March. It is a time where friends and the self-proclaimed sports fans can explain to you how their bracket is perfect, and you can proceed to tell them that the odds of getting a perfect bracket are 9.2 quintillion to 1. 

This year’s March Madness, like every year, will showcase the underdogs, Number 1 (No. 1) seeds domination, and some supreme athletes. There are many things to look out for. 

The Racers of Murray State open the tournament as a No. 12 seed against the Marquette Golden Eagles. The No. 5 vs. the No. 12 seed has historically been a source of big upsets. The No. 12 seed has won 24 out of the 39 matchups since 2009. The Golden Eagles are coming off a poor finish to the regular season, losing their four final conference games. 

Also, the Racers are home to arguably one of the most exciting players, not named Zion Williamson, 6’3” Guard Ja Morant. 

Morant is averaging the 8th most points per game, 2nd most of any player in the tournament. He is also projected to be drafted within the top 5 picks of the 2019 National Basketball Association (NBA) Draft. Look out for Ja Morant and the Racers to be the Cinderella story of the 2019 NCAA tournament. 

With all the hype that has surrounded them this season, it is hard to bet against this No. 1 seed Duke Blue Devils; that is, if Zion Williamson is in the line-up. Two of the four Blue Devils loses were endured without Zion Williamson on the floor this season. 

The star forward is projected to go first overall in the 2019 NBA Draft, averaging 22 points per game and nearly 9 rebounds.  

Not to mention, the Blue Devils also have Cam Reddish and R.J. Barret, two projected top ten 2019 NBA Draft prospects, to dominate opposing teams alongside Williamson.

If Zion Williamson is healthy, look for the Duke Blue Devils to dominate the tournament in route to their 6th National Championship in school history.

It will be interesting to see how the season of March progresses and what upsets will occur. There are always games that have an unexpected outcome and those are the best to watch. 

Bracket season remains on top of the best players and teams to watch as move forward into the championship game which will take place early in April.