Women’s Squash Dives Head First into Preseason Training

Lisa Clair '21, Life and Style Editor

After a long sumer of anticipation, Dickinson’s coveted women’s squash team has once again been reunited. Even though their season does not start until later into the fall and throughout the winter, Dickinson’s women’s squash team has begun their pregame season on Sept. 9 (directed by team captains). The pregame season trains their squash players using weight-lifting, running and match-play. The point of the preseason is to prime the team so come gametime (official practices start in early October), these girls will be at their strongest and fittest. One of the only division one sports on Dickinson’s campus, the women’s college squash team here at Dickinson is ranked number 19 in the nation, and is considered extremely competitive. One difference between last semester and this semester is that there are a lot of new faces on the team. Many girls went abroad or graduated, and the first-year members are still learning to navigate such a high-intensity athletic environment. Though there are some changes among team members, there is still the same enthusiasm and positivity that the women’s squash team brings to the table each year. Eloise Nimoityn ‘21 commented on her outlook for the season, “I am really excited for this upcoming squash season although we lost a lot of girls (who graduated and went abroad) we have some strong and enthusiastic first years who I know will bring a lot to the team… we are really excited to get back on court with each other and are looking forward to a great season!” 

This opinion is echoed through the team and we look forward to seeing how the women perform this season. Each member is looking forward to success. They are hoping that this season will echo the last with a winning record that just gets better than the 11-8 they achieved last season. 

The women will be ready by their first match on Nov. 16 against the University of Pennsylvania at Drexel University where they will showcase all the talent the team has in store with the new first years that have been broughtin alongside the upperclassmen talent that has been present for many years and has not gone away.