The Texas Rangers Look Ahead to the Upcoming Season

The Texas Rangers have made a great deal of movement in the offseason.

The Texas Rangers Look Ahead to the Upcoming Season

Shane Shuma ’22, Associate Sports Editor

Last season, I predicted that the Texas Rangers had the talent and the drive to make it to the postseason, but a string of injuries and underperforming players doomed the season. This offseason, I expected a similar offseason as the last year, when General Manager Daniels decided to pick up cheap replacements instead of committing to a full rebuild. 

While this strategy worked at parts of the season, there was a visible lack of chemistry among the team’s pieces. This offseason I was impressed by the scope and quality of Daniel’s moves. He signed free agent catcher Robinson Chirinos, a former Rangers player and a veteran of the American League West. It will be beneficial for our pitching core to have a catcher that’s familiar with names such as Mike Trout and Jose Altuve. 

We were also able to retain players such as Danny Santana and Joey Gallo, two players who not only possess good on-base ability but also possess the qualities expected from Rangers players. 

The Rangers also signed veteran 3B Todd Frazier. He will be able to mentor our young core of players while also injecting power into the lineup

. Another mentor that the Rangers acquired is Corey Kluber. 

Now, the Rangers have a history of acquiring aging and injured pitchers and attempting to restart their careers. 

Most of these moves have failed, with the recent exception of Bartolo Colon coming to mind. 

I believe Bartolo found success with the Rangers because there wasn’t much pressure put on him, he could just be himself. 

The Rangers should take this approach with Kluber, and they should value his ability to mentor the pitching staff as well as strike out batters. 

I believe this year can be a successful one for the Rangers, as they have strong potential in their pitching core and a host of position players whose skills and personalities mesh well.

We all look forward to the future of this team.