Solutions for Sports Fans

Shane Shuma '22, Associate Sports Editor

I, as many fellow sports fans were, was shocked to learn that the major sports leagues and the NCAA had canceled or postponed their seasons. The sudden cancelation of these seasons has left many fans wondering how they will fill their free time and release their passion for competition. I have been pondering alternatives and would like to share some of my thoughts. 

For those who like to play sports, gaming can be a strong alternative. Those who play sports have a drive and a need to compete. Many also like the atmosphere of working within a team environment. There are many games online that allow players to work in teams. There are first person shooter games, there are battle royale games and sports games of course. For those of you who like soccer and football, you can play FIFA or Madden Online. For those of you who like baseball, MLB The Show has a game mode where you can simply watch a randomized game. This is a feature shared by other sports games as well, so if you’d prefer to sit back and watch the action unfold you can. 

For those who like to watch sports there are even more options. On YouTube and Twitch, you can watch people play sports or play competitive games. Games like League of Legends and Fortnite have tournaments, where people play against each other as they attempt to advance in a competition for prizes or a title. If you miss March Madness, simply fill out a virtual bracket of your favorite NBA 2K players. Instead of rooting for your favorite guard or pitcher, you can root for your favorite gamer. Instead of buying jerseys or sports memorabilia, you can buy merch or become a Patreon subscriber.  

While these are definitely trying times for sports fans, we must remember that the tradition of sport has a strong legacy. As sports have adapted to technology and our changing media demands, so too can they adapt to America’s new policy of social distancing. Together, we can express our passion for competition and teamwork in a way that keeps those closest to us safe.