As Some Teams Restart Practices, Student Athletes Prepare for Unique Training Season

Sammi Werner '21, Sports Editor

After the Centennial Conference decided not to allow competition for Fall and Winter sports and a decision for spring sports up in the air, a number of Dickinson Athletics teams have still figured out ways to practice and build some form of a season.

This year is not what anyone had expected it to be, and many challenges arise for athletics that typically began before the fall semester started and have not had a chance to be together in the same place for almost a year. However, with many excellent coaching staffs and dedicated athletes, each team has taken their own unique route to making spring 2021 a time where sports can be together and training. 

Many varsity teams had their athletes petition to be on campus for the entirety of the semester based upon status of being a student athlete, such as Men’s Lacrosse, Men and Women’s Swimming, Tennis, Field Hockey, Women’s Soccer, and Men and Women’s Track and Field. After being on campus, and following a period of restricted movement, practices began Monday, Feb. 15.   

Although not being able to compete or awaiting a decision going into the first days of practice has been difficult, Dickinson athletes have embraced the unique season and are excited to be with their team again. 

“This year is going to be different, but everyone is looking forward to training together again. It has been too long since any of us have played competitively,” said Men’s Squash member Zack Hollander ’22.

Many athletes are maintaining a positive attitude and outlook on what is to come this season, even seniors whose final season may not happen.

“From a senior standpoint, it is very important to pass down proper traditions along the underclassmen, whether it be attending practice regularly or taking care of yourself off the field, it is crucial that we stay in a regular routine to ensure that the future members of the Dickinson sports community are prepared to do the proper work once restriction is over” said Kacper Rzempoluch ’21 of Men’s Track and Field. 

Taking on these traditions is exciting for some student-athletes. “I’m very excited to get back in the pool with my teammates. As much as I would love to compete, just getting to spend time training and getting back with my teammates is incredible” Reid Schattgen ’23, a member of the Men’s Swim Team, said.

Without competition, this season is going to look very different for all athletes of Dickinson Athletics, but many athletes are maintaining a positive outlook.

“I’m looking forward to practice! I’m grateful that I still get to train and be with the team, despite not getting to compete,” said Hadley Starr ’22, a member of the Women’s Swim Team.