High Hopes and a High Ranking for Dickinson Men’s Lacrosse

Dickinson’s Athletic Department accurately called the Men’s Lacrosse team’s 2022 season  magical. The lacrosse team had a historic year that ended with a heartbreaking loss in the third round of the NCAA tournament. The team goes into this season buoyed by the highs of last season, but also aware of the lesson that came with defeat. The team’s successful 2022 season, with a record of 19 wins and 1 loss, means the pressure is on. 

When asked about the team’s biggest challenge this season, Head Coach Dave Webster ’88 said, “the primary challenge right now is how we deal with the expectations that are on us here preseason.” Webster explained that with a high regional and national ranking, the team’s reaction to this pressure is unpredictable. Webster wondered, “will that detract from our growth? Or will it help intensify our focus and have guys rally behind that?” Using last season as a reference, the Devils know they have to take the season game by game and step up their play for big occasions. 

Captain Seamus McCloskey ’23 said, “overall, there aren’t too many challenges ahead for us. It’s just maintaining that edge and staying true to our beliefs at all times. We all know what’s expected of us and what we have to do to get there.” McCloskey noted that last season, when the Devils won the Centennial Conference Championship and remained undefeated until their game against Gettysburg in the third round of the NCAA’s, Dickinson had the best record in its program’s history. 

The spring 2023 athletic season kicked off February 1 and the lacrosse team’s first home game is Saturday, February 18. Coach Webster talked about the team’s approach to game days, explaining that the team focuses on one day at a time. “We try to take it in chunks throughout the season. Literally one game, one practice at a time. We’re pretty good at that. That was really important for us last year and we’re good at that focus and that ability to reset each time for the next one.” 

Last year, The Devils beat Gettysburg twice in the regular season, but fell to The Bullets in the third round of the NCAA tournament. When asked which game he is most looking forward to, McCloskey said, “it’s probably Gettysburg. We beat them twice last year in the regular season and the conference championship, but they beat us in the sweet sixteen pretty handily. That kind of hurt a lot of the kids on the team last year. They understood we were a good team and we were definitely better than them. The way they came out and played really put a chip on our shoulder to come at them even more this year.” 

McCloskey ended by saying, “the relationships we’ve built these past few months and all throughout the year have been truly something special. I can’t wait to see what this season holds for us.”