Women’s Basketball Team Takes on San Juan, Puerto Rico


Malena Malka Goldman ’26, Staff Writer

The Women’s Basketball team currently holds third place in the Centennial Conference standings. This team, coached by Aby Diop, has had a great run in what has already been an incredible season. However, many may not know that the team took a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, over winter break to play a couple of teams and work on their team bonding.  

The trip, which took place from the 17th of December to the 22nd, was an excellent opportunity to play against other D3 collegiate teams they usually don’t get a chance to play. This took place at the Puerto Rico Clasico. At the Clasico, they played Kean University and SUNY Cortland, leaving San Juan with a record of 1-1. 

Mia Kolb ’23 commented on the trip and what it meant for her. As a senior, this was one of her last chances to share with the DCWB team and her first team trip, given that covid had compromised past travel plans. When asked about the games, Kolb appreciated the opportunity to play teams outside of the Centennial Conference. She also said how proud she was of the team, referencing their huge comebacks in both games and how they beat Kean in an extremely close match, winning 58-55. 

However, the Women’s basketball team did not take such a long trip to Puerto Rico only to compete. Some other activities the team did was walking around old San Juan, trying the incredible food, and even taking a charter boat ride to Fajardo Bay. Mia Kolb also added that the day tours were part of her favorite memories during the trip, highlighting snorkeling as one of her favorites. But perhaps Mia’s favorite part of the trip was how much it contributed to the team culture. When asked about it, Kolb stated that besides gaining a different level of experience when playing, “the trip created a stronger team dynamic. We all got so much closer.”

Finally, Kolb commented on her and her class’s legacy as seniors, highlighting their resilience and positive attitude throughout adversity. She said, “Working hard and keeping a great mindset through all uncertainties is something I know will continue within the women’s basketball community.” Kolb also expressed how much she cares for every teammate and their amazing coaching staff, adding that being a part of DCWB made her whole college experience. 

This trip to Puerto Rico definitely left a positive mark on the Women’s basketball team, being able to experience a different culture, see new places, and play amazing games. Hopefully, they will return in the future and other athletic teams will experience what it is like to play abroad.