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A Review on the Brew: Denim Coffee

Stephanie Czmar ’19, Life & Style Columnist

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Over the weekend some friends and I decided to take a visit to Denim Coffee on South Hanover Street. When we arrived we were greeted by a sign welcoming all members of the community of Carlisle; declaring that hate had no business in their establishment.

Once inside, we found the shop to have a very simplistic style about it, with each wall in a different shade of blue. The store is still working on expanding their menu, but so far it is super promising.

The latte that I ordered was delicious and had a leaf made from cream on top, making it especially Instagram worthy. The hot chocolate that my roommate got was rich and creamy, but not in a way that made you overwhelmed with its flavor.

The coffee shop also has smoothies. My friend got mango, which is not a flavor I usually like, but it tasted so fresh that I couldn’t complain (the mound of whip cream on top helped too, of course).

Denim Coffee also has several food items including: grilled cheese, soups, muffins and scones. I snagged a bite of my friend’s grilled cheese and it was so cheesy that when you pulled the two halves apart it looked like a sandwich from a food video on Facebook. Finally, we also ordered and tried a chocolate chip scone. It was everything you could have wanted in a scone, buttery and yummy.

It was a successful trip although a little more expensive then I was anticipating, but I figure that’s just because they’re just getting started. My roommate and I are very excited to make Denim Coffee our bi-weekly excursion.

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A Review on the Brew: Denim Coffee