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Keep the Government out of Social Media

Shane Shuma ’22, Opinion Columnist

April 4, 2019

Last week Mark Zuckerberg called for more governmental regulation of his company, Facebook. Zuckerberg stated that he believed there needed to be a more active role for governments when it comes to privacy and regulating the Internet....

Art and Auschwitz: A Perspective on Sue Coe from a Jewish Trout Employee

Sam Waltman ’20, Guest Writer

April 4, 2019

When I was 11, my family visited Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center. At the end of the museum was the Hall of Names, a large open room with bookshelves full of binders, each containing names and details of victims...

Modern Reparations are Logically and Fundamentally Flawed

Bryce Dunio ’22, Opinion Columnist

April 4, 2019

The Democratic party’s apparent ideological split between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ far-left wing and Nancy Pelosi’s more moderate wing has resulted in a wide array of candidates fighting for the 2020 nomination. In an effort...

Straightening The Facts Up: A Fact-Based Response to “Keep Your Hands Off my Wallet”

Maia Baker ’19, Opinion Columnist

March 28, 2019

Do you believe in women’s bodily autonomy? Do you understand what taxes are for? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you would have understood “Keep Your Hands Off: Why Women Need Access to Reproductive...

Russiagate is the Worst Political Tragedy in Our History

Bryce Dunio ’22, Opinion Columnist

March 28, 2019

For the past twenty-two months, prominent figures from the media, Democrats and intelligence community have relentlessly slung accusations of treason and betrayal at President Trump over his alleged ties to the Russian government....

To be Vulnerable in a Hostile World

Leda Fisher ’19, Guest Writer

March 28, 2019

Apparently, I have something of an abrasive tone. At least, that was an important issue for those who disliked my last op-ed (“Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Speak?”). They said I sounded angry, or that I was too aggressive...

No Collusion

March 28, 2019

Something has finally been confirmed that I knew all along: neither Trump nor his campaign colluded with the Russians. After a two year long endeavor where Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller III and his team tried to find evidence...

A Call to Put an End to Differential Pricing

Emma Spector ’19, Guest Writer

March 28, 2019

It’s simple: those who can afford to pay get the best housing on campus. However, if students have no choice but to live on campus, then they should not be forced to pay more for housing. The idea of differential pricing –...

A New Perspective on the Harry Potter Movies from J.K. Rowling

Sarah Manderbach ’22, Opinion Columnist

March 21, 2019

As a fan of the Harry Potter series and all that has been created from it, in recent months I have started to question if the magic that once surrounded this universe has started to diminish. With the addition of the Fantastic Beasts mo...

Democrats are Handing Trump Four More Years

Bryce Dunio ‘22, Opinion Columnist

March 21, 2019

In roughly three months’ time, the Democratic National Committee plans to begin its lengthy series of primary debates to determine which candidate is best suited to take the White House. After the morale-crushing blow to their...

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