A Letter From the Incoming Co-Editor-in-Chief

The past year has been eventful for The Dickinsonian, to say the least. We returned to print production, covered several significant stories and experienced many fun moments along the way.

Going into the next academic year, Lauren David ’24 and I will serve as Co-Editors-in-Chief. Lauren was the News Editor during the past Fall before studying abroad in Copenhagen this semester, while I have been Life & Style Editor for this past year.

While we had some expected issues coming back to print production – learning how to put it together and getting our voice out more – we also had some behind-the-scenes issues that we did not expect. A few messed up bylines to start off and having to pay fines on years-old unlicensed photos are some of the unexpected things we encountered.

Despite the bumps we faced along the way, our team handled it in stride. I would like to specifically thank Editor-in-Chief Nathaniel McCloud ’23 for taking the reins and leading us through the year – he has been an amazing leader and friend, and I can’t thank him enough for his guidance and support.

I would also like to commend our amazing editors who will be studying abroad next year – Managing Editor Gwen Teeling ’25, News Editor Ben Warren ’25, Associate News Editor Eleanor Nolan ’25, Sports Editor Ben Gurwitch ’25 and Copy Editor Rachel Jacoves ’25. All of them have been incredibly devoted and dedicated to the paper over the past year and the work they have done has been phenomenal. If I went into everything amazing about our team and the role they played in reviving our role on campus, I could probably fill a full print page!

I’d also like to introduce the new editorial board for the upcoming Fall semester. Tiara McKinney ’25 will continue in her position as Opinion Editor, and the new members of the board will be Kimberly Tyson ’26 as Managing Editor, Adam Mast ’25 as News Editor and Grace Morrison ’26 as Life & Style Editor.

For the next year, we would love for students who have an inkling of interest to get involved! Whether you would like to cover News events, sports, media reviews, or share your opinions, we are always open to new writers! We continue to welcome people who are interested in online editing, photography, comics, graphic design and more!

With an incredible year – our 150th anniversary – behind us, I am excited to see what comes in the next year!