Students Need More Events, More Options

Dickinson should have more events available for students, especially on the weekend. Almost every weekend, I am at a loss for activities to do on campus, and there are few reasonably priced activities in the Carlisle area. MOB has been one of the only active student activity groups at Dickinson College, and this is detrimental to the college’s social life. On the weekends, there are hardly any events aside from the ones that MOB plans, and occasionally there are club events. 

MOB, although it has general members who assist with its weekend programming, is only headed by an 11 member team. Although I have enjoyed many of MOB’s events, it is simply unfeasible to have 11 students plan events that engage the 2100 students. It is also stressful for executive board members who have to plan and organize events using the limited funding that is available for the school year. 

To create diverse events that appeal to all Dickinsonians, more funding should be allotted to other Dickinson clubs so that they can plan enjoyable weekly or weekend events. While I understand that the college has minimal resources and more pressing matters to attend to, there can at least be a push for the residential halls or residential organizations to create more dorm specific and campuswide social events. Such initiatives would give more options to Dickinsonians who may not always want to attend MOB events.