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Are Attendance Policies Necessary?

Hana Zherka ’22, Guest Columnist

September 26, 2019

When you graduate high school and begin college, you are often thrown into the deep end of responsibility. Some of it can be nice, maybe you decide you’d like to stay over at your friend’s until 1:00 a.m., or else decide to...

Over Critical State of Mind

Nadia Shahab Diaz ’21, Opinion Columnist

September 26, 2019

Now, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I’ve genuinely enjoyed eating on campus lately. I can play with different combinations of CYO smoothies in the Juice Bar or the variety of student feature sandwiches at the Quarry....

How to Gain From Losing

Sarah Clancy ’20, Guest Columnist

September 26, 2019

I grew up with two older brothers and no room for excuses.  We played every sport you could imagine with full contact.  Between the two of them, I gained incredibly valuable life skills I don’t think I could have learned i...

Cultural Appropriation is Nonsensical

Bryce Dunio ‘22, Opinion Columnist

September 26, 2019

Have you ever worn hoop earrings, paid for a henna tattoo on a boardwalk, or prepared a delicious Mexican dish for dinner? If so, and you are not of the original culture that created these, you have culturally appropriated them...

Dickinson’s First Annual LatinX Gala

Alondra Juarez ’20, Guest Columnist

September 26, 2019

Saturday Sept. 21 was Dickinson’s first ever Latinx Gala. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Latina discussion group, Spanish club, Portuguese club, and several volunteers organized the Gala with student speakers, a...

Pearl’s Picks

Robert Pearl ’20, Guest Columnist

September 19, 2019

With NFL picking up, baseball winding down, college football going strong; now is the perfect time to get into sports betting if you are looking to make a few bucks (or a lot hopefully). What inspires me to take the picks I do...

Do Women Really Not Feel Safe on Campus?

Caroline Strapp ’22, Guest Columnist

September 19, 2019

Last Sunday night I was talking to a friend of mine about the idea that many of us women don’t feel safe on campus. While some of you might roll your eyes and say ‘oh come on’, this is a common feeling among women. I would...

The Folly of Rent Control

Mike Kozinski ’21, Guest Columnist

September 19, 2019

In a recent speech in Las Vegas, Nevada, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) unveiled his housing plan meant to curb the growing cost of housing. Later on Twitter, Sanders proposed measures, such as plans to “[b]uild and rehabilitate...

One Last Dance

Marcus Witherspoon '20, Opinion Editor

September 12, 2019

Being a senior is a very weird thing. From all the way through pre-kindergarten to this year, school has always been a constant in my life from September to May. Nine months out of the year for the majority of my life has been...

Engaging Controversy with Mindfulness and Empathy

Kirk Anderson, Assistant Professor of Educational Studies

September 12, 2019

To all of our new and returning students, welcome back to campus. While there is much to celebrate at the start of the semester, as I consider the year ahead of us I find myself thinking about conflict and controversy. I feel...

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