Opinion: Dining

After Dining Services sent out a survey looking for our opinions on their service, I was ready to go off. Dickinson’s survey gave us four places on campus to rate: the caf, the Snar, the Underground and the Biblio. While I already responded with my answers, I feel like it is important to also publicly say my ideas out there to encourage discussion.

The first thing I filled out was the Biblio, where my comments were very simple. I simply told the college that they should reopen it, as it worked well as a breakfast option in a way that Denim in the Quarry has not been able to.

After that answer, I filled out the caf form. I said the lines and portion sizes are abysmal, and it is not worth it to wait 15-20 minutes for a serving of food that isn’t even filling. It basically makes it so that if I want to get something after my first serving that isn’t just pizza or pasta every night, I use a swipe in the caf, then use another swipe at the Snar by the end of the night. Also, if there is chicken nuggets and fries for lunch, forget about trying to get any, I just go to the D-Den and get something to snack on before my next class.

The Snar has more specific issues that I want resolved. I hope Dickinson can bring it back as a real late night food option, as I tend to be hungry after 10 p.m., and I don’t want to have to stuff my fridge with food or keep using Uber Eats if I am already spending so much for a dining plan. Also, I feel that late night options like the cheese sticks and chicken poppers need to be included more frequently or on a schedule, as I see posts every night on Yik Yak just asking “chicken poppers tonight?” and it could be made easier by just having them consistently or on a schedule. I am also waiting for online ordering to come back, like the school promised at the start of the semester.

Finally, I think the Underground is mostly fine, except that I think the juice bar could be open a while longer. I also think that the D-Den could include more options, like fruits.

While I understand much of these issues come about due to understaffing, we already spend so much on dining every year that it is ridiculous that this is what we get for the thousands of dollars we give this school. I feel this should be a top issue for the school to fix, as having to worry about dining availability actively harms us as students, physically, mentally and academically.