Fashion Review: These Boots Are Made for Winter

Alicia Reynolds ’14, Life & Style Columnist

With the winter season being the time of year for snow and cold weather, it proposes a challenge of what clothing items is best for the weather. Therefore, questions arise about what type of outerwear, as well as what type of footwear, should be worn. Regarding footwear, there is one trend in particular that I have been noticing here on campus: boots made by L.L.Bean, also known as “Bean Boots.” L.L. Bean is a company specializing in outdoor apparel and equipment. The company was founded in 1912 and has been trusted by people nationwide leaving customers extremely satisfied. With L.L Bean specializing in outdoor apparel, it is no surprise that they succeed in making a product that will keep your feet warm and dry during the rain, sleet or snow.

“Bean Boots” are sturdy leather boots with rubber soles that were originally made to conquer the wet, muddy woods of Maine. The popularity of these boots began in New England and has now expanded nationwide making them the quintessential shoe for wet and cold weather. The rubber soles provide protection from the wetness, keeping your feet dry. The leather provides warmth and stability, keeping your feet toasty and stable in the worst of weathers.

While the practicality of these boots is obvious, they also have become a fashion trend. Some might consider “Bean Boots” to be “duck boots,” or might think they look a bit strange, but they have become a part of many Dickinsonians’ wardrobes. If there is any type of precipitation in the forecast, you can count on seeing students rocking their favored “ Bean Boots.” Wearing a pair of these boots as part of your outfit will add an outdoorsy, casual twist to your ensemble. To add even more warmth to your outfit, pair your boots with some cozy winter socks. Winter socks tend to come in different fun patterns, which can help lighten up a dark, gloomy winter day.