Straight from the Plate: Caf Food Reviews

I usually don’t venture off into the hot meal section of the cafeteria during lunchtime, but this time I did. Usually, you hear what’s good and bad during meal times and multiple people were telling me to try these boneless wings, so I did. It was definitely a pleasant surprising after taking a bite of one. The chicken was actually cooked, because let’s be honest, sometimes it can be questionable. The outer layer was crispy when biting into it, but could have been slightly crunchier. The lack of crunch likely resulted from being drenched in buffalo sauce in the serving pan. When I took my six small pieces of chicken, I scraped off the sauce. It turned out to be fine because after doing that, I had the perfect amount of sauce. The boneless wings had a nice kick, which was a nice change to the chicken that is usually served. Although the spiciness was only picked up after a few bites. All in all, the sweet-spicy flavor of the chicken also went great with a side of salad. Add some fresh tomatoes from the Dickinson College Farm and some cucumbers and you’ve got a great mixture of flavors.