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Photo Courtesy of Melanie Singer ’17

Photo Courtesy of Melanie Singer ’17


A typical breakfast meal consists of cereal, yogurt or eggs. This time, instead of getting something plain like Cheerios or plain yogurt, I branched out and got fried eggs. You can really do so much with eggs, and the caf serves them in all different styles. They always serve scrambled eggs, which I have yet to try but according to my friends, they’re surprisingly good even if they may not look it. Not only can you get scrambled and fried eggs, but sometimes they have omelets with spinach, cheese, bacon, etc. I’m not a huge egg person so I haven’t tried the omelets yet either, but the fried eggs were surprisingly good. A student caf worker who clearly knew what they were doing cooked my fried eggs. The result was very satisfying, as the eggs were cooked just right – not too soft where the yolk is runny, but not cooked so hard that it’s essentially an omelet without any toppings. I wanted just the right amount of yolk to pour out when I cut into the eggs, which is why I asked for medium fried eggs. To add some more flair to my eggs, I put the fried eggs on top of an English muffin and added some pepper to them. The combination was great, and was almost like a breakfast sandwich, with the exception of some cheese or bacon. One thing that the caf should consider is having eggs for lunch sometimes too. It’s such a simple meal that takes no time to cook and for all of those breakfast lovers who don’t like lunch like me, serving eggs or any other breakfast food besides cereal at lunchtime would be a great addition to the caf’s menus.