Fashion: Kerry Richmond ’16

Kerry Richmond '16

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Meet Kerry Richmond, a junior, Women’s and Gender Studies major, from Little Rock, Arkansas. I chatted with Kerry about her ridiculously cool style, Jem and the Holograms, and DIY fashion.

How would you define your wardrobe aesthetic?

I think it changes a lot. I like… “80s…witch,” does that sound weird? No, I kind of like that.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I really like 80s movies, I like 80s aesthetics, and 80s colors… When I was growing up I was obsessed with the Spice Girls and Spice World was my favorite movie. I’ve been coming back to the really campy, weird bright colors, but 90s style, which is thankfully kind of in right now, so I can find cheap, good stuff.

Where do you look for clothes?

A lot of stuff I find in Goodwill or Saver stores. I have a habit of befriending weird older people who give me their clothes from when they were younger. This costumer from my hometown, I volunteered to help her clean out her house and she gave me a bunch of 70s vintage prom dresses and jackets from the 50s. I like to put myself out there as that person who will take your weird clothing because I really like kitsch. I have this ridiculous sweater of a dog wearing a bath robe and it says “Don’t just stand there hug me.” Someone found it in their attic and was like “Kerry will probably wear this.”

Did any inspiration come from your parents?

My parents hate the way I dress. When I was younger I was really punk and my parents hated it. I went to a theater school… I think it was kind of that atmosphere. We were artsy and had to learn how to sew and dye things and cut things. Be like “I really need this thing but I can’t go buy it, how do I make it?”

What are your favorite fashion websites?

There’s this online vintage store/site, they do photo shoots and stuff, called Pulp Girls. They have really really cool weird vintage clothing and they also do accessories, pins, and a lot of look books for kind of my kind of style.

What is your Halloween costume this year?

Have you seen Jem and the Holograms? It’s this 80s cartoon about a girl band that saves the world… and one of the characters Aja, she plays guitar, has blue hair and I was like “I have blue hair…” I might as well go as a blue haired character. And her outfits are really 80s punk stuff, which I have, so I might do that.

Your hair is great. Did you do it yourself?

Last year I was writing a paper and I didn’t have a topic and I was stressed out. So I drove to Sally’s and bought the first hair dye and bleach I saw. And came home and bleached my hair and dyed it blue.

Any fashion/life advice? What’s the motto?

I live in the Feminist Collective, we have all these things written around our mirror. One is “What is beauty is subjective and fleeting, do what makes you happy,” and the other one is “Your body deserves to take up space.” Both of those things I really try to incorporate into the way I dress.