Fashion: Emilia McManus ’15

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Meet Emilia McManus, a senior, a Political Science major, from Bethesda, Maryland. Over an intimate meal at the Michelin rated Snar, Emilia and I chatted about fashion, studying in Madrid, and Harry Styles.

How would you define your style?

I would say “hangover chic.” Probably.

What are some key pieces in your wardrobe?

I have a pair of high waisted black skinny jeans from Zara that if I could wear every single day I would. And once I wore them for two weeks even after a bird pooped on them. It was a strange time in my life.

Were you abroad? (the clear follow up question to “it was a strange time in my life.”)

Ya, so I didn’t have a lot of other pants to choose from.

Tell me about your abroad experience.

I went to Madrid, I did a non-Dickinson program. Everyone there has a very… it’s interesting, even the guys, when they look like absolute idiots, you can tell it’s something they thought about. I think they were more self-aware, whatever they were wearing they consciously put together. Which made me a lot more self-conscious, in a good way.

How has your style evolved?

I guess generally I’ve started to think more about what I wear. My style icon is Harry Styles. I want all the boots he has, all the pants he has, some of the big, weird looking button downs.

Do you have any style icons other than Harry Styles?

Probably just my sister. She’s ten years older than me and I think that since she’s ten years older than me she’s always been someone who I’m like “that is the coolest person who exists.” She is super stylish. She’s more high fashion-y, but she puts together outfits that are really cool.

Where do you like to shop?

Urban Outfitters. I used to —- with Mod Cloth a bit. MB and I would just sit around last year and find stupid little street wear brands that we liked, like Only, and Rip and Dip, I really like their stuff.

What is your favorite fashion aesthetic?

I’m really into the androgynous look. I wish that I had smaller boobs, kind of, no I don’t wish that. Like old school Diane Keaton with button downs and big khakis rolled up. I think it’s universally cool looking.

I like the concept of “hangover chic.”

I’ve really embraced that the idea that I’m a dirtbag. I feel like hangover chic really works with that. Not in a bad way.

What’s your definition of “dirtbag?”

Like the dirty skater look but translated over to girls who actually wash their hair. The slept on makeup, kind of androgynous look.