Fashion: Lucia Darrow ’15

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Fashion: Lucia Darrow ’15

Photo Courtesy of Lucia Darrow ’15

Photo Courtesy of Lucia Darrow ’15

Photo Courtesy of Lucia Darrow ’15

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Meet Lucia Darrow, a senior, Mathematics Major, from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. I sat down with the always chic Ms. Darrow to talk jewelry, Europeans, and stepping up your daily fashion game. Lucia teach us your ways!

How would you define your style?

It changes from day to day, but I’d say I usually pair something that’s soft and flow-y with something that’s more grungy. And when I don’t know what to wear, I just wear all black. It’s just easier and it tricks people into thinking you’re fashionable and put-together.

Did studying abroad change the way you dress?

I’d say yeah, absolutely, Germans have a very practical way of dressing. For me that’s not wearing hiking boots, but it changed the way I shop maybe, I look for more useful pieces that are long lasting, quality.

Do you slowly build your wardrobe or are you always changing it?

I have certain shoes, coats, and jean that are old and I will have forever.

What are your favorite pieces? Are there things people associate you with?

Probably my jewelry. I wear a lot of turquoise, it’s pretty much all from my mother. She’s from western Colorado.

Do you know where your turquoise jewelry was made?

It says Zuni on it.

Where do you like to shop?

For core pieces, I’d say Madewell or Anthropology. Pretty much everything else is second-hand, consignment, and thrifted. I do a lot of thrift shopping for skirts, dresses, that kind of stuff. I found this crazy awesome corduroy dress at the Time Bomb the other day.

Do you keep up with fashion blogs or with big fashion trends?

No. I’ll look at Refinery29, or something like that, to look at makeup.

Does makeup play an important role in your style aesthetic?

It’s pretty much the daily cat eye. I use liquid [liner].

Is fashion something you consider to be important?

I don’t know, I just dress how I feel that day, usually for comfort. Hence all the maxi dresses and skirts that I wear, and things with pockets…

Who is your biggest style influence?

Probably my mom. Not only the jewelry, just looking back at old pictures of her where she has this cool, hippie, preppy, vintage vibe going on. She wears a lot of white shirts, throws on a bunch of turquoise… She’ll throw on a bolo tie.

Do you draw influence from films, or celebrities, or popular culture?

Not necessarily. I guess travel, being abroad, seeing how differently people dress in Copenhagen or Berlin. It’s so much more experimental. People are so much more willing to take risks and dye their hair random colors and stuff like that. Here, the campus culture is more dressing for comfort.

Any fashion advice?

Wear what makes you happy and don’t wait for some occasion to dress up. So many people are waiting for some big party to put on heels, but why not just wear them?