Let’s Get Reel: The Interview

Let’s have ourselves a frank discussion about films and patriotism. Now I think we all know that the “release” of The Interview was , shall we say, “interesting.” I also know that lots of people seem to like it and even more people went to see the darn thing in theaters because a group unrelated to the North Koreans but mistakenly identified as the North Koreans by the media attacked Sony Pictures. So Sony pulled the film, and people went into a rage because they felt it was restricting free speech. Now what defines free speech and if deciding to give a film a limited release counts as restricting free speech is a discussion for an Opinion article, but I feel fairly safe saying that The Interview is not the movie you want to be rallying behind. Why? Because The Interview is by and large the worst comedy film I’ve ever seen.

Let me walk you through this monstrosity. Seth Rogen and James Franco play themselves as a talk show host and his producer who cover celeberity gossip and fluff pieces who get fed up and want to do more hard hitting news. Turns out Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea, loves the show and wants an interview. Also the CIA wants the two least qualified individauls on the planet to kill him.

This movie commits the worst sin a comdey can make: it isn’t funny. I laughed once, at the end when they name a puppy they stole Kim Jong-un and someone remarks “That’s pretty ****** up.” and Seth Rogen chuckles and says
Yeah it is pretty ****** up.”

Seal Team Six is in this movie, why? It’s topical, but the joke is Hey It’s Seal Team Six you remember them that killed that Osama Bin Laden Guy Don’t You? This is a movie full of references and no actual jokes. Apparently Rogen and Franco we’re going for a Sam and Frodo relationship as they keep saying “We’re just like Sam and Frodo!”

And who could forget such great one liner’s as “Check out my boner!” That’s not a pun, he’s just got an erection. That’s the joke. Or when they take ecstasy because every comedy needs to have a scene where the protagonists take a drug and the screen goes crazy with all the stuff they do so they can wake up hungover with no recollection of the events that transpired. Or “Stanky ****!” There’s not context for that one, James Franco just starts saying he has stanky ****! You can’t get away with non-sequitors like that people, they’re very hard to do and unless you’re really good at what you do it’s gonna backfire.

Also Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” plays a major role throughout the film and acts as a thematic tie into their careers which are based around getting important people to let down their guard and be emotional. First: Way to date yourself guys. Second: Katy Perry’s biggest strength is that her melodies are just good enough for you too ignore the poor lyrics. You know what I was thinking about by the time they actually killed the guy? “Wow, that plastic bag line is really horrible. Like really really bad”.

This movie is horrendous. I mean good god I can’t believe people are going to bat for this one, it’s awful. Do not support this, for the love of god just let it die. You wanna see a “patriotic” comedy? Go see Team America. There I just saved you two hours. That’s right, this a two hour comedy but it felt like seven. Good lord I have never had the displeasure of seeing a movie this bad.

Do not watch. No matter what anyone says avoid this movie like the plauge.

Verditc: Do Not Watch. Ever. Not even as a lark. Or if you’re under the influence.