Straight from the Plate: Caf Food Reviews

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Spring has finally sprung and the sun has really been shining lately. Moods have been changing from tired, gloomy faces to happy and alive faces. Despite the warm weather that, thank goodness is here, I went for the soup for dinner. It was a bit cold out and just felt like soup weather. The caf was serving minestrone with black-eyed peas and tomato soup. I went for the minestrone with black-eyed peas because I find that the tomato soup tastes strikingly similar to vodka sauce. I didn’t feel like eating sauce for dinner so I decided that the hardy soup was the right way to go. It was chock full of all different ingredients. There was pasta, tomatoes, black-eyed peas and kidney beans. This soup pleasantly surprised me, as I really didn’t know what to expect. I enjoyed the array of different beans in the soup, as they are tasty, had different textures and size to them and are always a great source of protein in the meal. The downside to the soup was that the pasta was very overcooked. There was no flavor to it and it was very mushy. This could have been because the pasta was sitting in the soup for a while and warmed it too much to the point where it became pure mush. I was thrown off by the mushiness, as it was unexpected. Despite the pasta issue, the soup was quite tasty and I didn’t feel the need to add any salt or pepper to it. It was filling and I would definitely get it again, with hopes that the pasta wasn’t as mushy for the next time around.