Straight from the Plate: Caf Food Reviews

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Sometimes when I walk into the caf there seems to be nothing that appeals to me. Some go for plain old cereal, some go for a basic sandwich, but I decided to spice things up this time around. Prior to walking into the caf I saw that there was quinoa for dinner. This grain always excites me as I feel it is a healthy option and I can always add any kind of seasoning that appeals to me. I went for a vegetarian style wrap. Sometimes I find the meat in the caf to be questionable and I wasn’t into the cubed pieces of chicken at the salad bar. I added hummus for some flavorful protein, shredded carrots, cucumbers, spinach, cheese, and as always, Sriracha sauce on the side. I would have to say this is one of the best caf creations that I have come up with since entering Dickinson College last year. I found that all the different textures of the vegetables went nicely together as the cheese added some saltiness to the wrap and the carrots added sweetness to it. Although the caf’s quinoa never has a ton of flavor, I truly enjoyed the flavors I created that made the quinoa have lots of flavoring. The mix of hummus and Sriracha sauce was interesting as it was a mix of different textures that added spicy and tangy flavoring to the wrap. Next time the caf has quinoa I will definitely be making this again.