Caf Review

Melanie Singer ‘17, Food Columnist

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After coming back from studying abroad this past fall semester, the caf was a bit of a shock to me. For one, it was nice to have the food right in front of me and not have to worry about cooking for myself, but I had forgotten how tiresome the caf food could get. Regardless, Friday was luckily grilled cheese and tomato soup day, a crowd favorite. The line wasn’t extraordinarily long, which was a plus as sometimes it can take quite a while to get your grilled cheese. The sandwich was simple but definitely hit the spot. There was the right ratio of cheese between the two pieces of lightly buttered bread. Sometimes the grilled cheese can either be too greasy or there may be too little cheese or too much cheese. My piece was just right though. But, because I’m a cheese lover, it would be nice if the caf served different types of cheese for the sandwich instead of just American. Maybe next time they could even try some pepper jack cheese to give the simple sandwich a little more spice to it. Along with the satisfying sandwich, I poured myself a bowl of the tomato soup. I found the soup to go well with the grilled cheese, but it was very rich and creamy and I was unable to finish it once I ate the sandwich. By itself the soup was a little much, but for a cold day like it was, it helped to warm me up before heading back out into the tundra.