Caf Review

Melanie Singer ‘17, Food Columnist

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It was a cold one last week and there’s nothing better than warming up with a hot bowl of soup. I’ve always found that the Caf does their soups right, and I’m rarely disappointed when I pour myself a nice bowl of it. The week started off right when the Kove was serving their Curried Sweet Pea soup. It may sound unappetizing and also look unappealing to many, but people were talking about this great lunch option and I decided to see what it was all about. To my surprise, the soup was very good. I’m a huge fan of curried anything and the flavoring was just right, and not too strong when it came down to the spices that I could taste. The consistency of the curried soup was also thick, which was perfect for the cold weather outside. There were even bits and pieces of carrots in the soup, which added more texture to the thick and warmness of the dish. To go along with the satisfying soup, I had a side of Caesar salad. This was a nice surprise to have at the salad bar as it was already all mixed together and the lettuce was pre-chopped so I didn’t feel like I was eating leaves. Overall, this caf lunch was a success, and everyone should look forward to the next time the Kove serves this hearty good Curried Sweet Pea soup.