Caf Review

Melanie Singer ’17, Food Columnist

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The Kove has done it again. Out of the caf food crowd favorites, Chicken Fajitas are always a go-to. I chose to include out of the options given the chicken, of course, as well as rice, guacamole and salsa. In addition to what I got at the Kove, I also cut a piece of bread from the breadbasket by the sandwich area. Sometimes the chicken served in the caf can be dry and lack flavor, but the chicken served at the Kove was flavorful due to the sauce that it was marinated in. It was slightly tangy with a bit of spice in the mix of chicken and sauce. On top of the satisfying chicken, the rice mixed with the guacamole and salsa went well together. The rice had a few black beans mixed into it, as well as chopped peppers. Unfortunately, the rice was slightly overcooked as it had a mushy consistency to it and was a bit bland. Despite the blandness of the rice, once mixed into the two condiments on my plate, it was much more enjoyable. Although I’m used to guacamole being chunkier and not fully puréed, it was nice to mix the salsa and guacamole into the rice. The salsa itself had a sweet and slightly bitter flavor to it that I did like. On top of that, I dipped the fresh baked bread into the guac and salsa, creating an overall successful dinner.