Caf Review

Melanie Singer ’17, Food Columnist

I’ve been leaning towards the Kove lately when it comes to dinner in the caf. I find that the dinner options are more satisfying and healthier than what the grille serves for dinner. This time, the Kove was serving a Thai chickpea burger with sweet and spicy sauce along with some guacamole. I’ve only ever had the chickpea burger once before and found it to be quite bland. This time around though, the burger had more flavoring to it although I did not pick up on the Thai aspect in the flavoring. The outside of the burger was hard in texture and the inside of the burger was more soft and warm. The flavors mixed well with the guacamole as well as the sweet and spicy sauce. I would’ve liked it if the sweet and spicy sauce was slightly spicier than sweet but it definitely gave off a tangy flavor to it. Along with the Thai chickpea burger from the Kove, I also got the small side that the Kove always gives out. It was, as they called it, a salad Olivier. I’ve never had this before but it looked interesting so I decided to try it out. It was essentially egg salad with bits and pieces of potato and chopped up cucumber. The salad Olivier was creamy and definitely satisfying. This meal was enjoyable, but maybe next time I’ll add some Sriracha into the mix of the sweet and spicy sauce to really make the meal wow my taste buds.