Caf Review

By Melanie Singer ‘17, Food Columnist

Summer has come to a close, which means that all students are back at Dickinson and, of course, back to eating in the caf. It can be hard at times, coming from our parents’ home-cooked meals to eating whatever the caf serves, but we all make do. Feeling overwhelmed by being back on campus, I decided to ease my way back into eating in the caf by going to breakfast. I was in the mood for plain old oatmeal but, to my surprise, they were only serving baked oatmeal. I’m used to this only being served at the Kove rather than the grill, but I decided to give it a try. It was definitely flakey; the bits and pieces of oats began to crumble and did not stick together when I cut into the slice I was given. The baked oatmeal wasn’t bad at all. There could have been more moisture to it, which would have made it more flavorful and maybe less flakey, but I definitely enjoyed it. There were hints of cinnamon in every bite as well as blueberries dispersed throughout the piece I was given. Although it wasn’t the plain oatmeal that I’m used to the caf serving, this was a nice change and a new option for breakfast.