What’s On Your Feed: Indigo is Your Style

Image Courtesy of Caroline Fallon ’17

Melanie Singer ‘17, Life & Styles Editor

As some prefer sports or arts, and others prefer fashion. Caroline Fallon’17 has an interest in fashion and the way fashion makes people feel about themselves. Just this past week, a new Instagram account popped up on our feeds called @indigo_threads_. With a few photos already posted and an eye catching default photo, the bio says it all, “Indigo Threads prides itself on featuring a spectrum of diverse styles of your every day college student.” Fallon went into explaining her whole thought process in wanting her own twist on a fashion Instagram account. This account has hopes to inspire others.

Not only does Fallon hope to inspire her followers, but she also wants to empower others through feeling confident in their own unique ways of dressing. Fashion can and should be very personal.

The goal of the account relates to the name, @indigo_threads_. Fallon had received a lot of help and support from her friends, specifically one friend, Dara Pappas ’17. They were sitting in their apartment, brainstorming names for the Instagram account. The color indigo came up in conversation and the two seniors couldn’t decide whether indigo was more blue or more purple. Hence, indigo was incorporated into the account’s name as there’s no true deciding factor as to whether indigo is truly one color or another. Similar to style, there should not be just one look to be inspired by, but a variety.

Fallon’s main push in attaining unique fashion should not be what Kylie Jenner is wearing today. It is supposed to be what makes these girls feel comfortable in their own skin and their own clothes. Therefore, instead of scrolling through your newsfeed and seeing expensive, flashy articles of clothing being worn by celebrities, @indigo_threads_ will bring more down to earth and affordable styles to your newsfeed. Fallon has already done this by asking a few girls if they’d be interested in being featured on this account. Fallon explained that some girls came to her before the photo shoot asking what they should wear, in which she replied, “I told them to wear what makes them feel comfortable.”

The first contestant for @indigo_threads_ was, Sophia Rothman ’17. This is someone who Fallon wanted to photograph right off the bat. She felt that Rothman always wears a lot of urban looking clothing compared to Fallon’s style, which is more “flowy.” Rothman doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and has modeled for Cover Girl, which Fallon thinks is all around incredible and she’s hoping to collaborate in future projects like this.

Along with photographing Rothman, Fallon also photographed, Julia Martens ’19. She wears mostly vintage, second hand clothing, which Fallon thought to be unique, sustainable, and affordable. In photographing and interviewing Martens, Fallon also found out that she collects jewelry wherever she travels.

All in all, @indigo_threads_ is looking to reach out to anyone who is willing to share their own unique style. So, if you are hoping to inspire others in not seeking the glitz and glam of style icons such as Kylie Jenner, you too can be featured on @indigo_threads_.