Caf Creation: Monday Night Sugar Coma


Even though the caf usually has a good selection of cookies, cakes and pies, sometimes it just falls short, and all that’s left to eat are a couple of cubes of Jell-O and the crumbs of an apple pie. Even though I do not tend to eat dessert every day, there are times (usually Monday night after four classes) when I feel as though I deserve something sweet, but also something that doesn’t take any effort to make. That is how I created the Monday Night Sugar Coma. Using a lightly toasted croissant as the base, I layer Nutella and a bit of vanilla frozen yogurt and finish it off with a cereal of my choice (my personal favorite are the Reese’s Puffs). The biggest benefit of the Monday Night Sugar Coma—besides the total sweetness overload—is that the four ingredients used to create this dessert are always in the caf, so this dessert can be made as often as you want. If you are daring you can try using chocolate frozen yogurt or maybe adding peanut butter alongside the Nutella and experiment with the relatively simple flavors.