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Dorm Decor: Jess Oren ’21 & Olivia Brown ’21

Ellie Doblin ’21, Life & Style Columnist

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JO: Ridgefield, Conn.

OB: Chevy Chase, Md.

Building: Drayer


JO: Intended educational studies major

OB: Intended economics major

Favorite Color:

JO & OB: Blue

Describe your room: comfy and sentimental

Favorite piece  in your room:

JO: “I hung a picture of Benjamin Rush on my fridge. It makes me laugh and it’s my own unique way of showing school pride.”

OB: “My favorite place in our room is my bed. My bed is where I do homework, relax, and hang out.”

Dorm Inspiration: 

JO: “I was inspired by the clearance section of Target.”

OB: “I brought lots of pictures of friends and family. I decorated my side of the room with them and it definitely inspired my style.”

Favorite stores: Walmart, Target and hand me downs from family and friends

Fun Fact: Jess’s mom made her a blanket made out of old sentimental t-shirts.

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Dorm Decor: Jess Oren ’21 & Olivia Brown ’21