Fashion Column: Jessica Smith ’18



Major: Sociology with a philosophy minor

Hobbies: Gossiping, going for walks at Thornwald Park, watching YouTube or reading Wikipedia to avoid homework.

Fashion Inspiration: Jess’s fashion inspiration comes from a Dickinsonian named Amanda. “I always see this girl’s cute outfits and I pointed her out once to my friend Kate and she was like ‘Oh, I think her name’s Amanda’.”

Favorite Color: Jess’s favorite color is purple; however, she loves to wear blue because “it makes me look gorg.”

Favorite Pieces: Jess adores her Adidas mini skirt and purple fur coat, as well as a “name necklace” Jess received as a gift. She also has an extra accessory in her mouth. “Do my braces count?”

Favorite Stores: Jess loves retail stores like DSW, T.J. Maxx as well as more local shops such as Jean Joint, located in only York and Harrisburg.

Describing her Style: “Erratic. Sometime I look totally amazing and sometimes I am wearing stained sweatpants.”

Fashion Motto: “You don’t always have to look cute. What matters is that you can pull it out when you wanna look cute.”

Stephanie Czmar ’19, life & style editor, contributed to reporting for this article.