Fashion Column: Willow Huppert ’20


Majors: Environmental studies

Hobbies: Willow is a member of Dickinson’s Outing Club, a First Year Mentor and part of Delta Nu Sorority.

Organizations: As an outdoor enthusiast, Willow loves anything related to mother nature. “I love canoeing, trail running, camping and hiking.  I’m always looking for a fun new activity to try to get me outside,” she said. Willow also enjoys art, “especially oil painting and drawing.”

Fashion Inspiration: Willow credits her fashion style to her “wonderful, artistic friends.” Specifically, “they remind me that clothing doesn’t always have to be so utilitarian, it can be a way to express yourself and show your creativity.”   She also tries to be as sustainable as possible with her clothing, as an environmental studies major. “I am always thinking about how I can live more sustainable. I try to keep my wardrobe small and invest in fun, versatile pieces that I can mix into many different outfits throughout the year.”

Favorite Color: Willow tends to stick to neutral colors when choosing what to wear.

Favorite Pieces: Willow loves her Levi’s jeans because they are “great quality and they look good with everything.” Another essential to her wardrobe are her Tevas which “make any outfit fun.”

Favorite Stores: Asos

Describing her style: “A child that is allowed to dress themselves/cool mom.”

Fashion Motto: “Don’t take yourself too seriously and wear clothing that makes you feel confident!”