Dorm Decor: Jessica Oren ’21

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Dorm Decor: Jessica Oren ’21

Alexandra Fosbury ’21, Life & Style Editor

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Hometown: Ridgefield, Conn.

Building: Adams

Majors/Minors: Educational studies

Favorite Color: Blue

Describe your room style: According to Jessica, her room is “like living in my own college scrapbook.” She does, however, concede that her room isn’t always as clean as it could be, but it is, in her own words, “a-dorm-able.”

Favorite piece in your room: Jessica’s favorite piece in her room is “a garden gnome that my mom painted Dickinson colors with the school’s logo on it.” Much like her mom, Jessica says that her gnome is a one of a kind.

Dream Roommate: If Jessica could live with anyone on campus, she would choose her older sister Leah. 

Dorm inspirations: As an RA, Jessica finds inspiration through her first-year residents. “The fun ways in which all of my residents decorated their rooms inspired me to spruce up my walls with sentimental pictures and notes from college so far,” she said.

Favorite stores: Jessica enjoys going to the Christmas Tree shop to buy items for her dorm.

Fun Fact: In her room, Jessica has four different sizes of Rubik’s cubes.

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