Fashion Column: Muhammad Burhan ’21

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Fashion Column: Muhammad Burhan ’21

Jake DeCarli ’22, Associate News Editor

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Major: Muhammad, whose preferred name is Burhan, is an international student from Pakistan. He is currently studying mathematics and computer science with minors in economics and chemistry.

Hobbies: On campus, Burhan is extremely active, serving as the vice-president of MECA (Muslim Educational and Cultural Association), a Data Analysis Intern with the Center for Sustainability Education, consultant for the Library Services, a Service Trip Leader with the Center for Service, Spirituality, and Social Justice and a member of WIND (We Introduce Nations at Dickinson).

In his free time, Burhan enjoys to dance. As a Bollywood Dance instructor, Burhan enjoys being able to, “…de-stress my body with the work load I have in school.” He has taught a class with Bollywood Dance Theater Group. 

Fashion Inspiration: While Burhan does not have a fashion inspiration, he loves to experiment with his looks by choosing different pieces to create new outfits. 

Burhan explains, “I enjoy the processes of these experimentations and come up with something that makes me standout from the crowd…I don’t follow people on social media from the fashion industry.”

Favorite Color: Blue is Burhan’s outfit color of choice.

Favorite Pieces: A classic watch holds importance to Burhan because, “…it adds sophistication to my day-to-day look and helps me become more organized and stay on time with my busy schedule.”

Favorite Stores: Burhan does most of his shopping in Pakistan or from Turkish brands like Tudors. 

“Most of the time I design my clothes by myself and then ask local tailors to prepare them for me” he explained, “it gives me more freedom to do whatever I want with my look.”

Describing his Style: “For me, fashion is a way to express myself through art. 

Whenever I am dressed up, it boosts my confidence and revitalizes myself with clouds of positive energy and determination to achieve more in life and to affect a positive change around me” Burhan said. 

Additionally, he explains families of his friends appreciate his ability to, “… turn boring, old clothes into something very bold, stunning and elegant.”

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