Red Devil of the Week: María Smith ’22


María Smith ’22 is a Carlisle native. As a first-year, she is currently undeclared although she is interested in studying Spanish, math, and international studies. María is also considering minoring in Portuguese & Brazilian Studies. 

Being in Carlisle, María enjoys having the ability to go home, while also being independent here on campus and exploring Carlisle more with her friends. However, María doesn’t expect to stay in Carlisle after graduating from Dickinson.

María lived in Spain for two years, while her mom directed the Málaga program. “I was able to experience a lot more of the Spanish culture than I was over here just through my mom,” she said. 

“Through her cooking and through my grandmother…I got to see the difference between living in a town like Carlisle and then living in a semi-big city like Málaga…seeing a different school curriculum that was also really interesting,” she added.

María hopes to go back to Spain as well as study abroad in Brazil and Argentina. She really enjoys trying new foods, her favorite being “tortilla de patatas,” a traditional Spanish dish made of potatoes and eggs. She has even eaten lamb brain in Seville, Spain.