Caf Creation: Cordial Cake


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a boujie judge that gets to taste and critique every dish on a Food Network show? If so, gather some friends in the Caf, grab a rice cake each, and compete with one another to make the best tasting dessert you can make. The base is a semi-crunchy bland rice cake. In my search for toppings, I first went to the desert table  and something caught my eye. I’ve never in my life seen  anything by the name of “Bumbleberry” but it  looked like any other fruit crisp. I decided to plop some onto my rice cake and give it a bit of color. I proceded to the ice cream toppings and sprinkled some peanut butter chips, drizzled some choco-

late sauce, and finally topped it all off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. When I bit into it, it reminded me of eating a sweet cherry cordial.